Have you ever felt that one or more of your competitors had a better product to sell than you?

I know I have.

In fact it often seems like what we are selling has all kinds of problems, and that what the competition sells is sooo much better than ours.

Sometimes this is true.

But sometimes it is not.

FACT: There are a lot of good products on the market today for virtually everything people can buy.

FACT: Many times there are 2 or 3 or more similar products that will give many buyers similar, satisfactory results.

FACT: Buyers don’t always buy the best possible product for their needs.

With so much noise, so much information, and so much confusion in the market, it’s frankly no surprise that buyers don’t always buy the “best” product for their needs.

Sometimes they do. But many times they don’t.

The difference is in the selling.

Winning sales people OUTSELL the losers.

It’s that simple.

You see most sales people are scrambling.

Scrambling to find a few leads.

Scrambling to get their presentations ready on time.

Scrambling to get to the next sales call.


Winning sales people don’t scramble.

Yes, winning sales people may work hard sometimes.

But they don’t bounce all over the place scrambling to sell marginally qualified deals, doing just an “adequate” sales job because they are stretched too thin, and hoping to a win a few of deals they got in the pipeline.

Winning sales people have strict rules about who to sell to. They use those rules in a systematic manner, and when a prospect does justify being sold to, they work the sale with confidence.

When you have a system of rules in place, you can go the extra mile. You can put in the extra effort to kick your competition’s arse because you will know that you have a high probability of winning.

You will know that your chances of winning are good because most of the other sales people are frankly doing just an “adequate” job.

So when a confident salesman runs decides to pursue a deal even though his competition might have a better product, he can win IF he has chosen his prospects wisely.

He can win by outselling his competition. By selling harder and better on the fewer deals he does choose to fight on, he can kick arse even with an “inferior” product.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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