One of the biggest unspoken fears prospects have of sales people is that you will waste their time.

Everybody is really busy these days.

More to do, than there is time to get it all done.

So prospects brush off sales people fast when they perceive no need for the product/service that the salesman is selling.

This happens to you when you contact a prospect, tell them what you do/what you sell, and ask if you can meet with them for a “short” meeting.

Once you tell the prospect what it is you do/sell, they immediately pigeon-hole you into something they either need or don’t need.

And unless they are actively looking for that thing right when you contact them, they’re gonna brush you off.

They don’t want to waste time talking about something that they already have or don’t need right now.

And inviting them to lunch doesn’t help.

Most people don’t take long lunches these days, and many don’t even go out for lunch. People grab a quick bite instead.

So any sales conversation that you want to have with a prospect, must provide immediate value.

You can’t ask for a meeting anymore, and expect people to discuss their goals, vision, state of their business and then see if *maybe* there’s a reason for you to do business together.

You gotta get to the point right away.

And the point in selling is whether or not there is a reason for the prospect to buy your stuff. Can you help them? Is there a problem you can solve?

When you get to the point right away, you offer potential value. If there is a reason, a problem, a worthy opportunity, then and only then will the prospect find interacting with you of immediate value.

And when the prospect finds value, the prospect will pull you forward into the sale, which is exactly what you want.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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