I am going to say something kinda obvious here today.

But it’s important that you read it this obvious statement, and that you read what I have to say after that.

Here goes…

People make decisions in their minds.

Yeah, that’s obvious.

But how do they do that?

Mental decision processing is whole bunch of things.

It’s pictures.

It’s words, dialogue, and self-talk.

It’s feelings and sensations.

When someone is evaluating, choosing, deciding, whether or not to buy your stuff, they make pictures, sounds, dialogue, feelings, and other stuff in their heads.

And here’s the important part…

The more someone creates an “image” in their mind of actually using your stuff, the more likely they are to want and to buy it.

That’s what people do.

When assessing your sales pitch, they are “trying on for size” your stuff inside their heads.

This is why all selling ultimately happens in an instant.

And (simultaneously) why selling can be so painfully long for so many sales people.

You see the buying decision occurs in an instant. It occurs in the instant that the prospect sees himself getting his primary wants met by using your stuff.

Yet this takes too long during many sales because so many sales people don’t know how to help their prospects create the right mental experience of their products.

To get to this point in the sale faster, there is one simple thing that you can do:

Find out what your prospect wants in detail, exactly – and then tell him, using his own words, exactly how he can get just what he wants using your stuff.

When you use his own words, and you show him just what he asked for, he can imagine himself actually using and experiencing your stuff to get his wants met.

This drastically cuts down the time it takes to close a sale.

And it also ratchets up your closing rate because you stop wasting time on people who’s problems you cannot solve.

You can discover my complete method here for using precision probing to engage and close fast.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown