Prospects get mad at you when you do stupid stuff while selling.

This week I’ve been buying some new software for a non-profit I am on the board of.

It’s been an interesting experience, being the buyer and seeing the mistakes sales people make from the buyer’s perspective.

I had two software demos in the last two days.

Both sales reps made a similar mistake, and it cost one of the reps the business.

Both of these reps wanted to show me stuff that I didn’t ask to see. I think a lot of sales reps fall into this trap.

They think that some particular aspect of their product is “really cool”. So they make it a point to show it to every prospect.

They do this in expectation that the prospect will get as excited as they are about this “really cool” thing they have to offer.

Problem is though, not everyone will think that thing is “really cool”.

And me? I have a bottom line Driver-type personality when it comes to buying stuff. So when a sales rep starts showing me stuff I didn’t ask to see, I start getting pissed off.

And that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday. This one sales rep started showing me stuff that I said we won’t use this year, and can’t use right now. I wanted to focus only on what we are going to use right now.

He just had to show me his “really cool” stuff. And it screwed the deal for him.


Because once I saw what he thought was his strong feature, I realized just how weak his software really was. It wasn’t that cool. In fact it was kinda hard to use.

Had he not showed me that, and had he stayed focused on only exactly what I told him I wanted, he might still be in the running.

In short, he gave me reasons to eliminate him and his product from consideration.

The only reason people buy is because of what they want.

When you show somebody something that they didn’t ask about, that they didn’t tell you they had an interest in, you are taking a big risk.

Finding out what your prospect wants by showing them things and asking if they like it, is a sure way to annoy your prospect, and possibly even lose the deal.

Better to ask questions, zero in on what your prospect wants, why they want it, and how they’ll use it first.

Then you can show exactly how you will give them what they want, and closing becomes easy.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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