You know when I started sales, I was excited to become a better presenter.

I thought that being a great presenter would be exciting, fun, and make me feel awesome watching people ooohh and aaahh over my great oratory skills.

Once I actually started selling though, I found out that most of what I needed to do to close a sale wasn’t really presenting.

Most of what I needed to do was just talk with people. Talk one on one, or in small groups.

Occasionally I had a formal presentation or demonstration. But that was only a small amount of my selling time with a typical customer.

Some sales reps seem to think that the demo or the “presentation” IS the sale.

Read this note I got from a reader yesterday…

Shamus, here’s a sad one but it’s kinda amusing…

I’d just taken over as sales manager so I went with our rep to see a client he’d been working on for quite a while – with the demo product the client had asked to see. My rep showed him and the client loved it, asking when delivered could be made.

To my horror, my rep kept talking. And then he kept talking. And again he kept talking.

The client looked up at me questioningly and still my rep kept on talking. I was in two minds as to what to do and eventually, those big pleading client eyes looked up again and said that I just had to interject. So I interrupted (something I did not want to do), thanked my rep for the demo and simply asked the client when he’d like them and what purchase order number to use. Talk about relief on the clients face.

Ever since then I’ve watched sales people much more closely. We seem to be employed for our ability to yap – but really it’s our inability to listen and hear that keep many poor.

Thanks again for your emails. I guess this story is horribly un-unique.

-Mike Lowery

Presenting is NOT selling.

The sale should be made before you ever make the presentation. You should know exactly what your prospect needs to see, so that you can show no more and no less than needed.

You should know exactly what your prospect most wants, and what he needs to see, know, and have proven to him in order to make a buying decision in your favor.

You should know this before you ever make a presentation.

Because when you do, there will be no confusion, no mystery, no wondering if you need to keep on talking.

You simply ask the customer to do what he told you he would do – buy your stuff if it fulfilled his most important wants and needs.

That’s Shameless Style Selling.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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