Last night I had to wait in a store for some help.

As I waited for the guy to help me I looked behind the counter and saw something l liked.

There was a stack of them there, lots of red, with some white showing through.

They looked pretty cool I thought.

After a short wait, the ski shop manager comes to help me.

Asks me what I want, I tell him I want to lease some skis for the season for my daughter.


…he says, and walks off into the back room.

A few moments later he comes out with a pair of yellow and white skis, pretty beat up.

I size em up to my daughter to see if they are the right length.

Too tall.

“Those are 124s”

…the guy says.

“Oh, you don’t have any 120s?”

…I ask – I had asked for 120s originally.

We’ll, I got 120s in these new ones, but they’re 25 dollars more.

Fine, I’ll take em

…I said.

I was relieved.

Relieved because I was this close to leaving the store and going somewhere else where I planned to pay more money to get the skis I wanted for my daughter.

Stuff like this drives me nuts sometimes.

The guy who helped me was nice enough, that aint the problem.

Too many people assume that all customers are cheap.

I’m sure this guy thought he was doing me a favor. Trying to save me 25 bux.

Nope, not a favor for me. I didn’t want the beat up skis.

And most importantly, he didn’t explain the options and ask at the beginning whether I wanted the cheaper, last year’s beatup skis, or if I wanted the new, this years skis, at a higher price.

Never gave me the choice.

Just assumed I wanted to save money.

And I was this close to leaving because of it.

Heck I was starting to think that those red and white skis behind the counter were only for purchase, not for season lease.

But I got what I wanted because I asked.


This stuff doesn’t just happen in retail.

Most people assume that everybody wants a deal.

Some people want better service, and better quality though.

And they’re willing to pay for it. Many of us will even happily pay for it.

So don’t assume that all your prospects are cheap tight-asses. I know the media is talkin all the time about this stuff.

Ask your prospects instead. Treat each prospect as a blank slate and you’ll find that some will happily pay more and buy more than everyone else.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. Ask the right questions, the right way, with the right mindset, and you can get people to pay more and buy sooner than you’re doing today. Let me show you how in Persuasive Questioning Techniques Sales Training Course. Go get yours right here.