Yesterday I made the decision to buy some new software.

This isn’t for my business, but for a local non-profit I am on the board of.

Yesterday morning I had a telephone meeting to review and discuss the proposal for an event registration software system.

I had pretty much made up my mind as a buyer that I was going to purchase before I got on the phone.

And once I did get on the phone with the sales rep and we started talking, I noticed myself giving off some classic buying signals.

In fact the day before when this rep was giving me the demo, I noticed then that I was also giving off the classic buying signals.

There are probably quite a few indicators that could be observed as tell-tale signs that someone is ready to buy your stuff.

The big one I noticed was a change in my language.

A person’s language is directly indicative of their thoughts.

And the change that occurred in my language was that I start referring to the software in terms of what “I” and “We” were going to do with it. How “We” were going to use it. What “I” like about it for “Us”.

What happened here is that I had mentally taken ownership of the product. I was mentally projecting myself into the future as to how and what “I” and “We” were going to be doing and using this software system.

My language was giving away the fact that I like this system enough to see myself using it.

That’s what people do when they look at and evaluate your stuff. They try to see if they can see themselves using it or not.

If they do like it, and they can see themselves using it and being happy with it, then they hold that image in their mind. And as they hold it in their mind, they will talk about it as if it is present tense and already occurring.

Contrast this to when someone doesn’t like the product, or has a problem with it, and they would say something like “Your system does this, and Your system has that…”

The word “Your” means that the prospect hasn’t taken mental ownership and he still sees it as “Your” product and not his.

Language is one of the biggest buying signals that I look for. I am sure there are others. If you have a good story you want to share like this, just email me and let me know.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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