A high activity level is a crucial success factor in selling.

Sales people who prospect every day, or give presentations every day, or close every day have strong sales muscles.

Strong sales muscles because they are exercising them. They are exercising their talents and skills.

And when things change, those with the strongest sales muscles will be able to adapt the fastest.

I write for selling in my business 5-6 days a week. Back when I did corporate sales, I prospected 3-5 days a week.

What do you do on a repetitive, high frequency basis to keep your sales hoppin?

One of my customers, Ben Joe Markland, gives presentations daily.

Here’s an email I got from him last week…

Shamus, I give presentations daily. Lately I have been bringing up the economy and telling people only they can change it for themselves, don’t wait for a president to it for you. This gets people thinking about their finances, then I move in with my products (I work for a Financial Institution). My sales are still 15% higher than last year and in a slow economy. Your method isn’t too radical, it is empowering.

Ben Joe Markland

When you are prospecting, presenting, or closing 5 days (or more) a week you can constantly adjust and tweak what you are doing. Your overall skill level will be high, and you can notice quickly changes in the market, changes in “the economy”, and adapt what you are doing to counter new challenges that come up.

Ben uses my Persuasive Selling Skills to get people to stop whining about “the economy” and start helping themselves by buying his financial products.

Yes, he is succeeding in one of the worst hit sectors of “the economy” right now.

That’s why I keep hammering on this.

It aint about “the economy”.

It is about what you do, and what YOU get your prospect to do.

If you are indulging in the economy-sucks-no-one-wants-to-buy-anything-from-me whine fest that I hear waaaayyyyyy too much of these days STOP IT.

Snap out of it right now.

Start asking yourself what can I do to get more sales right now.

Your brain will come up with the answers. That’s what it was designed to do.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. Discover how to get your prospects to buy right now in 2008, while all the other sales people are whining about how about how bad “the economy” is right now.