Most sales people don’t have the guts to sell like this.

Most sales people sell the features, and then wonder why selling is so hard.

They wonder why they struggle with closing only 5 or 10% of the prospects that they go after.

Read this – I got it yesterday from a reader…

Shamus, awhile back I was selling Life Insurance and a prospect contacted me for an appointment. He was a young father with three small children. He owned a small grocery store in the neighborhood.

It turned out that his friend, who also owned a store nearby, was robbed and shot.

Now, he was concerned for his life, yet he was still resistant to purchasing insurance that would financially protect his family. He also brought up his cultural belief of not speaking about death or dying because he thought it could bring it about.

I talked to him about what his family’s life would be like if he was the next one to be shot. Would his wife be able to support the children and work full time? Surely they would lose the house, maybe they could find a small apartment to live in. What kind of neighborhood would it be? He was in tears when he signed the papers.

Was that a mean thing to do? I don’t think so.

Now if I was selling something that he didn’t need, then I would have felt bad but I felt great that I was able to protect his family from financial disaster.

-Lorrie Bliss

Great story eh?

Selling isn’t about the “thing” you *think* you are selling

Selling IS about the prospect’s problem and how he *feels* about it.

The bigger the pain, the bigger your chance of a sale.

Selling like Lorrie does get’s the prospect to feel his pain, and remember how important the problem is and to realize that it’s time to DO SOMETHING about it.

Even when people are hunched over in their cubicles, homes and offices wringing their hands and fretting about “the economy” you can still get people to buy when you get them emotionally involved in solving their problems with your products.

Go get your copy of the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program and discover how you can snap your prospects out of their doom and gloom to buy stuff they really need from you right now.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown