You might be getting a lot of negative news right now. If you are, you need to start tuning it out.

And if you have tuned it out already, then congratulations.

I had to turn it all off earlier this week. I am/used to be one of those political junkies, someone who watches politics like other guys watch football and basketball.

After Tuesday nights debate though, I just decided that I had to stop watching this crap. Watching it or reading about it. And watching and reading about the market too.

I thought I was immune. I thought that I was above it because I knew how this negative stuff could affect me. But all this crud just was ultimately putting me in a foul mood.

So I went on a “news fast”. I am just not going to watch or read about this stuff for awhile.

My brain is getting cleansed, and already I am in a much better mood.

There are some other things I am doing. More closed eye mental visualizations of what I am creating in my business and life.

And physical activity. I am exercising briefly in the AM to get the blood flowing to my brain. And I am getting out later in the day as well for bike rides and trail runs.

In short, I am focusing on myself, and what I can control.

And it’s working for me.

When your outlook is better, you can accomplish more.

You see the world was created by optimists.

Pessimists just drag things down at their best, and destroy them at their worst.

I have done well in bad times, and done poorly in good times.

How well I have done, or not done, has largely been a function of my state of mind at the time.

So right now I suggest the following for you. You may find this helpful.

1) Drastically cut down, or turn off completely “the news”.

2) Identify and put intense energy on your best deals that you can close short term.

3) Revising your sales and prospecting approach so that you can continue to prosper in this tumultuous business environment.

Whether you thrive, survive, or perish in the coming months is all up to you.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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