At any time in sales, you must be willing to walk.

You must be willing to do this at all times, because your prospects know.

They can tell the salesman who is willing to walk.

They can sense his confidence.

Confidence is attractive.

People want to talk to, listen to, and work with the confident salesman.

The salesman who isn’t willing to walk conveys weakness.

When you aren’t willing to walk, it’s because you *need* the deal.

And prospects can sense your neediness too.

No matter how hard you try, needing a deal can’t be hidden. Prospect’s sense your desperation, your wanting, your too much eager to please attitude.

Prospects at best take advantage of a needy sales people, and worst avoid them completely.

Cultivating the confidence to walk from your deals starts with knowledge.

Knowledge about who your customers truly are.

Everyone is NOT your customer.

You must know who is most likely, most probable to buy from you.

The more you identify the characteristics of and profile who is likely to buy from you (and who is not), the more power you have in every sales interaction.

You see you should know even before the prospect does whether or not they will buy from you.

This happens when you pay attention to specific details like the type of company, the type of personality, and the reasons they have for buying. Your best customers will already have many of these things in common.

People that are like your best customers, are much more likely to buy from you than your competition. That’s simple common sense.

So if you want to develop more power, more confidence, and the willingness to walk away at any time, get clear on who you should be selling to.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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