There’s a lot of charged energy around the title of Closer.

And me calling it a “title” gives it even more power.

No one can give you this title.

And putting it on your business card won’t make you a closer.

The title of Closer is something you earn.

You earn it by doing it.

When you become so good that your coworkers and managers start calling you a closer, THAT is when you got the title.

A Closer is someone so good at closing a deal, that he can be brought in cold to deal that another rep has been working, and he can close it.

Or at least he can close it a very high percentage of the time.

Nobody closes 100%.

But some many closers and top sales reps can and do close 70-90% of their deals.

So how do Closers do it?

How do they come in, close the deal, and walk out with all the glory?

It’s simple when you get right down to it.

Closers go right for the heart of the deal.

They don’t waste time re-presenting.

They start asking questions, finding out exactly what’s important, and what is personally motivating the prospect.

And then they show how the prospect to precisely get what they want by matching their product to the prospect’s wants.

Sometimes they tell customer stories, to prove by example how their stuff is best for the prospect.

And they might even give a reasonable comparison of their product with a competitors.

But the most significant thing that a closer does, is get to the heart of why the prospect is even considering buying. They get personal, and find out what matters to them. And then they show how buying satisfies those personal emotional wants.

Once you discover how to do this, it’s amazing how easy and effortless sales becomes.

And when you are first learning it though, it can be quite a rush. A rush because it feels risky. And it feels risky because you are doing something that you learned all your life not to do. And that is talk to strangers about personal, sensitive, emotional stuff.

Once you discover how to close powerfully so much so that your managers start cutting you in on other reps deals to get them closed, you’ll be hooked.

And you’ll never look back.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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