People like to talk about “value creation” when selling.

I need to be able to create value for my buyers when I sell.

…is something I’ve heard more than one salesman say.

But things don’t really work this way.

You don’t really create value for your products when selling.

Because the value is not in your products.

The value is in what your customers are able to do with and how they are able to use your products.

This is why benefits are kinda B.S.

Generic benefits really only have a place in marketing literature that people can take away from mass events like trade shows. They’re acceptable their because the communication approach of such an event is shotgun style by definition.

Professional selling in contrast requires a rifle shot approach.

So really what we do – when we do it right – is to discover or uncover value for our customers.

We discover value that can be realized IF they buy and use our stuff.

And that value is personal.

It’s personal and unique to each prospect.

Which is one reason why pitching up-front is a bad idea.

You don’t know what the real value is for the customer yet when you pitch up-front. So all you can do is pitch generic benefits.

And from the prospect’s perspective that “ain’t about me”.

If you want your prospect’s full attention and if you want them to want YOU to sell to them, then you need to uncover and discover the value they can realize with you FIRST before you pitch.

Uncover the value, and your prospects will be asking you to sell to them.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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