Ever sell to someone that you just can’t relate to?

It can be a real challenge, huh?

Sometimes you can close these people.

Other times you can’t.

And when you do sell them, just because you can’t “relate” to them or understand them, doesn’t mean that they are bad customers. Many are great customers.

People who you don’t naturally relate to can seriously suppress your sales though if you don’t find a way to connect to, relate with, and understand them.

You’re missing sales and opportunities that you might otherwise close, because these people don’t trust you.

The more different you are from your prospects, the more likely your prospects are to view you as “just another slimy salesman”.

Too bad.

Cause you know you’re not.

For your own success, and sanity, you should sell to an industry and a group of people that you like, and are like, at least in some way.

Yes, you *can* sell anything.

But the less affinity you have for those you sell to, the more you are going to have to stretch yourself to be trusted by them.

People like and trust people most like themselves.

So if you want to sell more to the prospects that you don’t relate to, you need to act and become more like them (at least while you are selling to them).

The more different the prospect and you are, the more you will have to stretch yourself to be liked by him.

For a few years in my software sales career, I sold accounting software. That wasn’t something I had a natural affinity for. I didn’t really understand those people, which made it a challenge for me to succeed with them.

After a few years, I got out of that industry and started selling to sales software to Sales Managers, Directors and VPs. Much better fit for me – I was much happier and more successful.

Eventually when I decided to study NLP, I learned how I could truly and honestly get literally anyone to like and trust me IF I was willing to be flexible enough. With a bit of practice, I was able to get some unusual people to like and trust me (and through the process I found that I understood them better too).

Now almost without even trying I find myself naturally getting along with many people much different than myself. In face to face or over the phone encounters, I can always get someone to be receptive long enough for me to deliver my message.

The trust doesn’t always result in a sale. Trust alone isn’t enough.

But what trust does is give you your prospect’s time and attention.

People want to listen to people they like and trust.

People want to listen to people like themselves.

Stretch yourself and be more like more of your “difficult” prospects and you’ll be able to persuade more people to listen to you and buy from you.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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