Confidence is one of your most important success ingredients. With it, you can achieve most anything. Without it, there is no psychological pill that can mak21e you succeed.

Faith is the ability to believe even when you have no reason to. Faith is necessary sometimes to move forward and do something you don’t know IF you can do, or when the world around you is telling you that you cannot.

Experience gives you the proof you want and need to build future confidence on, and is something you get AFTER you use faith and confidence FIRST to achieve what you want.

It is easy to make the big bux when the “greater forces” like “the economy” are going in your favor. True achievers are successful and make bux by having faith and confidence in themselves no matter what direction the so-called “greater forces” around them appear to be going.

This week I want you to renew your focus in strengthening your confidence and faith in yourself. Look to and recall to your past successes in business and life as a foundation to build your confidence in yourself.

Remember, what you can envision it, you can achieve.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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