One of the most common mistakes that sales people make is not spending enough time on the prospect’s pain.

People buy to solve problems. Sometimes they buy to enable an opportunity.

But mostly people buy something to solve a problem that is pressing right now.

That’s the way we are wired.

A lot of sales people aren’t even looking for the pain. Yes a lot.

These people are just out pitching. And hoping.

Pitching and hoping that they’ll come across someone who likes the pitch and will say…

Yeah, I want that cuz yer such a good salesman.

Some sales people get to the next stage where they are actually looking for problems that they can solve. This is a big step, but not the biggest one you must make to be more successful in selling.

Looking for and finding problems is essential. Without a problem, there is no sale.

But many sales people spend too little time on the pain once they uncover it.

They think…

Wahoo! I found a problem that my product solves. Now I can show them how my product can help them.

… and quickly they get onto pitching their stuff.

The urge to pitch is a hard one to hold back on. It’s practically ingrained in us that this is what we are supposed to do, or else we are not selling.

The truth is though that the sale doesn’t usually happen when you are pitching.

The sale happens when the prospect gets emotional about his problem. When he gets frustrated, upset, desperate even enough that he’s got to solve his problem.

That’s when the prospect decides he’s got to buy.

And you can get your prospect to this point fast, by getting him to talk about his pain. Get him to talk about it a lot. Empathize with it. Get him to speak all of his experiences of what has or is or will go wrong because of the problem. Watch him get emotional, frustrated, angry, upset.

Most sales people are not comfortable doing this. We’ve been taught for most of our lives not to get personal with strangers.

We have then morphed such societal assumptions into a belief that such conversations are unprofessional.

The reality here is people bond closer, and respect you more when you do this than the dry professional, because they see that you want to and can help them.

These are the kinds of moments when people can and will decide to buy.

All you got to do is take them there.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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