Selling is really a series of small, instantaneous, emotional moments.

Important emotional moments where the prospect “buys” something about you and what you are selling.

Those moments may come in the middle of a sales call, at the beginning or the end, or not at all.

And unless you are really in control of what you’re communicating unconsciously with your voice, your body, and your emotions (beyond what your words are saying), when those moments do happen for you is probably somewhat of a chance kinda thing.

I mean some people naturally take a liking to you and trust you. Other’s seemingly can’t stand you and what you represent before you even open your mouth.

One of my customers, Matthew Geiger, the Financial Planner that I wrote you about yesterday who got a 100x Return on his Sales Investment, had this to say about “The 3 Second Sale” when he emailed me a few days ago…

I believe in the 3 second sell…not that the guy commits in 3 seconds to buy your product. But more so that the prospects I find are much easier to open up and question when you come in on their level. What’s been so powerful for me to do this is just opening the call using the rapport techniques you taught me in your Persuasive Selling Skills audio Program.

I gave up on this excited behavior that ‘travels across the phone’ idea. The only thing I was doing with that was creating fear!

I doubt anyone wants to get rejected all day, that’s not a sales job. This is powerful because the kind of rejection I get now has changed. The prospect always thanks me for calling…I attribute this to the 3 seconds in the opening of the call where I can connect with the guy.

-Matthew J. Geiger, BSM Financial Planning

The 3 Second Sale is not the close.

The 3 Second Sale is when the prospect buys *you*.

And when the prospect buys you, the result is more attention and more trust.

Attention and trust that gives you the chance to get personal, to find out what drives him personally, emotionally, to find out the pain issues and hot buttons that you can leverage into a sale.

This is especially important if your company or brand is unheard of. Or if you are competing in a crowded and commodity-ish market. Or if your prospect has a negative attitude towards your company for reasons beyond your control.

You gotta get people to listen to you and open up to you if you are going to make more sales.

The old “Be Excited” tactic doesn’t work for one on one selling. It never really did. It comes from the ancient days of snake oil and hair tonic salesmen pitching to a crowd of people at the county fair.

That pitch-first approach is about as effective as trying heart surgery with a butter knife.

There are better tools available. You should use them.

Stop leaving those moments when people buy you (or don’t buy you) to chance. Take control of what you are communicating unconsciously now and start making dozens of 3 Second Sales everyday with the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown