I got some pretty interesting email over the weekend after sending out pix of last month’s piggy roast on Friday (which you can view here http://www.flickr.com/photos/shamusbrown if you missed them).

Anyway I thought you might enjoy reading some of the comments I got too…

Wow I cannot believe you would send these pictures out to your subscribers, not knowing the ethical background of some. I will be unsubscribing now. You have to realize that this is 2008, and many people are changing the way they eat drastically.

I happen to be a member of P.E.T.A. I realize eating pork is fine with you; however, sending out pictures of the dead animal is a little offensive to some!

-Carmen Patterson

Hmm, I guess those pix didn’t convert Carmen over to the Shameless Lifestyle, eh?

What amazes me is that people sign up to a sales newsletter, and then complain about the content… how much time do you think they spend “bitchin'” about that Non-PC Shamus guy around the water cooler or coffee Urn…?

Betcha any money they ain’t makin quota!

-Stephen Jones

Pretty much sums up my thoughts about people like Carmen. She needs to pull the cork out from where the sun don’t shine and have a little more fun in life.

I took a quick look at your photos this morning; it looks like everyone had a blast! I have been receiving your e-mails for about a month now and find them helpful and sometimes really funny.

I was very happy to find out that you were a real person, go figure, but pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t just receiving e-mail from some random sales site.

-Crystal Zettle

Yep, I am Real Person. You couldn’t find stock photos of stuff like that. And the more corporate, “professional” sales websites don’t have the stones to send out anything that real!

I like your news letter. The feast looked like everyone had a good time.

Next time if you name the pig you need to pick him out of the herd and make the first cut. It brings out the warrior. Thank the pig for giving himself so others can live. We all live off the life of others. I always give thanks to the creatures that give their lives so I can walk around in leather shoes. You should always be willing to kill what you eat.

I do not usually send notes back to news letters but it seemed like the thing to do this time.

-Allen Jenne

Umm, Allen, yer right. That’s a little messy for my tastes, but I probably should add that to my list of life experiences to have. I’ll have to paint myself up like William Wallace if I do…

Shamus, I’m jealous. What did you use to stuff the pig?

-Mark Stanczak

The pig stuffing was oranges, lemons, cilantro and onions. Basically some stuff that my chef buddy Andrew pulled together. But you know what? That stuffing didn’t flavor the meat at all. We needed to inject some flavor under the skin with a baster (as a few readers *did* suggest to me). We weren’t that prepared though, so we just basted it with beer all day. It did come out nice and juicy. And it was a ton of fun.

Anyway, I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. I did shoot some video too. When I get around to cobbling that together into something watchable for you I’ll post it to the sales blog and let you know.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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