Some people marvel at what I do.

Some are baffled.

Some think I am a real arse.

Yesterday Anthony Tudini asked me a serious question, for which I have an answer…

Hey Shamus, Serious question… What if your largest customer belonged to PETA and you included them in your distribution of the Pig Roast pics?

Good question.

It wouldn’t be a dilemma for me at all.

I would leave it up to the customer to decide if she liked me or not.

Yes, I might “lose” such a customer…

But the fact of the matter is this: selling is about more than just making a sale. It’s about making relationships.

Relationships are about affinity. They are about rapport. They are about liking each other. About feeling similar.

And the thing to know about relationships is that they only last over time when they are based on honesty.

They must be based on honesty, because you can’t hide who you are over time.

You might be able to make an intial sale by hiding who you are. But you can’t sustain a relationship over time. It’s just too hard.

You eventually relax, let your guard down, and then people see you for what you are.

So embrace who you are.

Me? I have all kinds of quirks, oddities, and flaws.

And I am OK with letting you see them (well, most of them that is).

Because you are either going to respond to me as I am or you are not.

I believe that there are enough customers out there like me, for me to build a huge business empire out of. I will never get “everyone”. I won’t get a majority. And heck I probably won’t even get a plurality.

But there’s enough people and businesses out there like me that my business is already a major success.

You should never believe the notion that you have to get everyone to buy from you.

And it is incredibly risky to build your business in such a way that losing one “large” customer can cause serious damage to your business.

That’s called “single point of failure” in the engineering world.

A healthy business should have a solid base of customers. And there should be a natural affinity between the culture of the customers, and the culture of the people who are the business.

I discuss this in depth in my Strategic Customer Profiling sales course. It’s one of the concepts that will be responsible for taking your closing rate from below 30% to 50-70% or even 70-90%.

The answer then is that you can be as “offensive” as you want to be. Because you are only “offensive” to the people that don’t agree with you.

And the truth of life is, there will always be people that don’t agree with you. No matter how inoffensive, you try to be.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. A Shameless Attitude truly does enable you to double or triple your sales. Get yours on here now…