In the news business, nothing sells like bad news.

Yesterday the DOW dropped 777 points. Biggest One Day Point Drop ever was what many of the headlines screamed.

This drop however pails in comparison to the 22.61% drop of Black Monday in 1987 (and the 24.39% drop of 1914), which makes it not as big of deal as what the news wants you to think.

What’s important here is to stand back and watch how the news is attempting to manipulate you.

Yes, they are trying to manipulate you. That’s what they do. The news is all about getting your attention and holding it.

Forget journalistic purity. That’s crap.

The news is a business. They make bux off of advertising. They need your *attention* so that they can show you advertising. And they will go to great lengths to get that attention.

The news media does well when they can scare people.

The more people get scared, the more those people will pay attention to the news.

It’s true you know. When there’s a car wreck on the side of the road, people can’t help themselves – they just gotta look (I know I do, and I bet you do too).

People are more motivated to run away from what they are afraid of than anything else.

You can sell, and you can sell a lot right now, even with all the bad news right now.

All you gotta do is tie your product into a pain that hurts for your prospect, get their attention about that pain, and make them feel it.

You may not think this is professional. You may want to sell the beauty of your product. But that aint gonna keep you in business bubba.

You gotta find the pain, twist the knife and make your prospect feel it!

You’re being sold right now on how bad things are, how much worse they are going to get, and that our government must “do something” about it.

I am not gonna talk about what that “something” should be. My mission here is to show you that you are being sold in a big way, and that you can learn from this.

It’s time you start selling to your prospects emotions. Get my Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program, and make your prospects so mad about their pain that they gotta buy something from you now.
Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown