What do you sell?

I mean, what do you really sell?

Do you sell stuff? Things? Products? Gizmos?

Do you talk a lot about the little details of your stuff?

People don’t buy the details about our stuff.

In fact people aren’t really buying our stuff, when they buy our stuff.

People buy hope.

Hope that you can make their business or their life better.

Hope that you can solve a problem.

Hope that you can get rid their pain.

Hope and fear are a big part of selling.

People will buy hope from you if you wrap it up in the right package.

Fear is also a necessary part of selling.

Without fear, there is no need for hope.

Fear is what people hope you will rescue them from.

Fear and hope go together.

To sell hope people need to have their fears uncovered, disturbed and activated.

Selling is all about fear and hope.

Everything else is just details.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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