This is a true story.

Matthew Geiger, a Financial Planner in New York wrote me to tell his story a few days ago.

Matthew did the work. And he got results. Fast.

Here’s his email to me…

This is Matt Geiger, I purchased your audio program a few months back.

The 400 bucks I spent has already turned into 40,000 bucks back in my pocket. And that’s only within 3 months.

Your Persuasive Selling Skills is powerful. I sell to salesmen. I work with insurance agents who, as you could imagine are typically more sophisticated in their selling processes than most professions.

More times than not, they immediately put me on the spot making me say something to differentiate myself from the literally, 500 companies that do THE SAME thing as I do.

I’ll get the question ‘what makes you different than the next guy’ or ‘I get 50 calls a week for this.’ For me, this question totally ruined any chance I had to move the sale forward. Why? Because I answered them and TOLD THEM why I was better. Big mistake. I lost all power right at the beginning and more importantly I was giving reasons which were MY OWN.

Now because of what you showed me I’ve reinvented my self. I stay in control and get the prospect to tell me what’s important to him…very powerful.

I wanted to thank you and let you know that I enjoy your work and daily emails. Your program is the most relevant and effective tool for selling from anyone I’ve ever seen.

-Matthew J. Geiger, BSM Financial Planning

There is no single, silver bullet in sales. And I don’t promise instant gratification. But if you listen to my advice and actually do the work like Matthew did, you can quickly make big changes in your selling and close lots more deals.

Here’s the program Matthew bought just 3 months ago – Persuasive Selling Skills

Get your copy now and let’s see just how fast you too can 100x or more your money.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown