A guy name Christopher wrote me over the weekend, wondering if I teach people how to become a Sales Jedi.

He wants to be one of those “Sales Jedis where the customers end up doing all of the ‘work’, and the salesman just guides them to the questions and answers.”

If that’s a Sales Jedi, then I guess the answer is Yes. And I have created more than a few of them the last few years.

A Sales Jedi is not some fast talking, has-all-the-answers sales dude.

You see it’s nearly impossible to have all the answers. Customers are always coming up with new questions.

But more importantly, customers don’t want to hear “all the answers”. Customers just want the answer to their own questions – not the other guy’s questions.

So what I teach, or should I say help you discover, is how to take control of the sale, and let the customer’s wants, pains and desires fuel the sale.

It is a bit zen-like, or Jedi-like, in that you don’t “push” people.

You don’t lie and try to scare your prospects with problems that don’t exist.

You don’t drop your pants and throw out a discount just to “get some urgency”.

You qualify people, find their pain, and use questions and probes to get them to do the work and treat you as an equal and a partner in the process of solving their pain.

Yes, some of my clients might say that I show you how to become a Sales Jedi.

One of my friends even calls me the Sales Yoda. But I dunno, I don’t even have *that* much hair anymore.

I am not sure if I can make you a Sales Jedi or not. Only because I don’t know if you will do the work after I show you what it takes to become a Sales Jedi.

I do know that If you can do what I suggest, and can act on what I show you, then you should go on over now and get my Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program and discover for yourself how to become a Sales Jedi.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown