I’ve seen this before.

New guy starts a sales job.

Manager says…

Here’s how we sell here. Give this presentation and tell them all these reasons why they should buy from us. And then close em. It’s simple. If you hustle enough, then you should be able to close enough deals to make your quota. Now go out there and sell!

This sorta works.


I say sorta and sometimes because people who sell like this typically close 10-30% of their deals, IF they are good. And IF you can push just enough prospects through this process, then maybe** you just might make your number with this method.

(**You gotta go through a lotta prospects though when you are only closing 10-30% of them.)

That’s hard work if you ask me.

I know. I did it for awhile myself before I discovered a better way.

Yesterday I got another email from Christopher (the guy who asked if I teach people how to become Jedi Sales Masters).

Turns out he’s now the top sales rep in his office…

Shamus, I’ve been using your techniques for a week now, and last week I was the top rep in the office.

-Christopher Moore

I don’t have Christopher’s closing rate. But since he’s blowing out all the other sales reps in his office, I can bet that it’s a heck of a lot better than the painful 10-30% that most sales reps are at.

You should be closing 50-70% of your deals. And when you get really good, you should be closing 70-90% of your deals.

But that aint gonna happen if you are still selling with the pitch-close-go-find-another approach to selling.

There usually is an easier way in life. You just have to be willing to think differently long enough to give it a try.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. Here’s the selling skills that Christopher used to become the top sales rep in his office in just one week.