The best prospects are the ones you get to first.

But we don’t always get to them first though, do we?

Now I do recommend that you prospect for and create your own deals, as the best sales are the result of such effort.

But sometimes you got prospects that are here now, ready to spend some dollaroonies with *someone*, and they qualify reasonably well for your product.

Pretty good so far.

Then they tell you what they want…

You see they’ve been looking around and researching what’s on the market for some time. Probably for months before they started talking to you.

And as they tell you what they want, you ask them how important are each of those “things”, those “requirements”, those “features”.

Now if your talking with too low of a person, someone too far removed from the decision, then they tell you that *everything* is important.

Which is useless information.

But if you’ve gotten yourself to the right level in the decision process, then they can give you a fairly accurate estimate of which “things” are actually important, and which are just “nice to have”.

And when you hear this kind of stuff, it almost seems like they are designing and building a product like yours from scratch.

In a way they are. They are designing their ideal (sort-of) Frankenstein solution to their problems, wants, and needs using all of the information they have learned and are learning about what’s available from you and your competition.

Some features they will tell you are “must have” requirements on their list.

And unless you actually have those features, and unless they got the idea for those features from you (which is what happens when you get in first BTW), you’re screwed.

Screwed unless… unless you know how to unwind that must-have-feature back to it’s core meaning.

You see before they decided something was a must-have-feature, there was only a problem that they wanted to solve.

So when you hear about a must-have-feature that could screw your deal because either you don’t have it, or your version of it is not as good as your competitor’s, then you gotta unwind that must-have-feature fast and find out the real problem driving the deal.

Once you do, once you find out the real problem driving the deal, you are then in a position to change the nature of the sale, and make your solution, your approach the best way to go about solving the problem.

When the rules are not in your favor, you gotta change the rules so that you can win.

Either that or get outta the game.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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