Are prospects stopping you before can even get started selling?

Are your prospects telling you…

Sorry, we don’t need a Blammo Gizmo right now.

We’ll if you are hearing this often when you prospect, then you are doing things the hard way.

You see, you are doing what I call sales polling.

You are polling your prospects to see if they already want exactly what you sell when you prospect like this.

Yes, polling will uncover the people who are actively in the market for your Blammo Gizmo, but that’s about it.

Polling won’t help you find the people who could benefit from what you sell, the prospects who will eventually be “in the market”, but aren’t actively in a buying mode just yet.

And since polling only uncovers the people who are actively looking for a product like yours, you are by definition going to be finding only the most competitive deals.

Now that aint no fun if you ask me.

I like to work deals where I got the upper hand.

I will only put my time and effort into a deal that I am going to win.

The way I and my Shameless Partisans do this is to create new deals with prospects who aren’t yet actively in the market for our stuff.

This way, you don’t get shut down before you even get started.

The method for doing this is simple. Prospect for problems that you can solve with your stuff.

When you prospect for problems that you can solve with your stuff, you shift the conversation from one about your Blammo Gizmo – which your prospect has no reason to care about yet – to a conversation that is focused on entirely on the prospect.

If he doesn’t have a problem that you can solve, then hey, you move on.

But if he does… well then he’ll want to talk to you on the spot.

No more getting shut down.

The prospect will engage you and start asking you questions.

And that is the beginning of a deal that you can control, that you can have the upper hand on, and the you can win.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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