Last week I told you about this guy named Christopher who wrote me wondering if I could teach him how to become a Sales Jedi.

Not the fast-talking-has-all-the-answers type of sales guy.

But a sales master where, to use Christopher’s words, “the customers end up doing all of the ‘work’, and the salesman just guides them to the questions and answers.”

We’ll Christopher actually followed through and bought the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program over the weekend, and by Monday he had downloaded it his iPod, listened to two of the courses and already turned a deal that he might have otherwise lost into a winner.

Here’s what he told me, raw and unedited, in an email he sent me Monday night at 7:37PM…

You’re damn right this stuff makes you a sales Jedi. Fuckin balls!

I’ve only gotten through the questioning and rapport CDs, but I did the work, tried to internalize it as best as I could in small bit of time I had and today went out today and turned a total train wreck with a woman who distrusts all contractors into a same-day sale.

I’m truly in awe, and can’t wait to hit send so I can get back to work. Thank you!

-Christopher Moore

If this doesn’t inspire you, then you need to check your pulse.

Get the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program now. Once you start thinking my way, you start making more money, your closing ratio skyrockets, selling becomes fun again, and you regain your self-respect cause you’ll never grovel or beg for a sale again.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown