Some sales people constantly act like they are an interruption.

Doing so, gives away your power and results in you getting treated as if you are an interruption

Whether you are an interruption or not is something you cannot know ahead of time.

Whether you are making a phone call or an in-person sales call, you don’t know what is on your prospect’s mind before you see or talk to him.

You “might” be an interruption if what you are selling is not important to your prospect.

But if what are selling IS important to your prospect, then you are not an interruption.

You should always approach every phone call and every sales call as if what you are selling IS important to your prospect.

And you should act this way with every level of influencer and decision maker that you call on.

Don’t get flustered by the thinking that what you sell is too lowly for executive who will make the decision. If it will make or save them money or time, then it is important.

And likewise don’t take no crap from the gatekeepers and receptionists assuming that they won’t understand. If what you do can make or save money or time, then what your doing might just help save or pay for that admin’s job.

How can you know if what you are selling is important to your prospect or not?


Ask them if solving their problems is important to them.

When you begin to approach every prospect as if you have something important to speak to them about, you reclaim your power.

You go into each and every sales interaction with the attitude that you have value to give or to help uncover.

This causes people to want to talk with you, to be more open with you, to welcome you and not reject you.

Project value and you will find value.

Believe you are an interruption and you will be an interruption.

It’s your choice.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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