A few years back I got to mentor a young man who was selling home heating and air conditioning systems.

Now he is the CEO of a growing legal services firm in Washington DC.

Daniel Waldschmidt is his name, and he credits me with getting his head on straight and turning him into a Sales Allstar. Daniel is an interesting study in success. Read what he has to say in his own words straight from his CEO blog, The DEW View

I got a bad ass mentor the first time around. In my growing self-dissatisfaction days as an early twenty year old punk in sales (trying really hard but kind of clueless…) I hired Shamus to turn around my skills and make me the “CLOSER”… Shamus Failed!

He didn’t teach me how to close anything…

Starting with my first ‘zen session’, Shamus taught me that the head game was the most important part of the battle for success. He confirmed my disdain for the Zig Ziglar-esque ‘put a post-it note on the mirror that reminds you how good you are’ type of tactics and taught me to examine and qualify opportunities and LISTEN to client’s pain…

Imagine that! Instead of practicing fancy ‘lines’ or tricky ‘tactics’, I was taught to ‘listen’ and ’empathize’… I learned and I became an AllStar…”

Daniel was doing well when he hired me as his sales coach, and after a few short months of working together he was doing even better (I call a 90% close rate an “improvement”).

I think Daniel is a major success now for the following reasons:

– He’s a tornado of activity.
– He sets high standards for himself.
– He seeks constant improve in himself.
– He is an intense questioner, listener, and thinker.

Not everyone aspires to be a CEO and a tornado of activity like Daniel. I wanted to share this with you because it’s a true story of success that I think you might be able to gain something from.

You can get more of Daniel’s take on success in business and his DEWisms as he calls them at his blog TheDEWview.com

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. I am not currently taking any new sales coaching clients on at the moment, so please don’t ask. I am contemplating a new coaching program for this fall, and if I decide to do it, I’ll let you know here.

P.P.S. Wanna learn everything I taught Daniel Waldschmidt? Go here now and start drinking it up.