Who’s responsible for “solving the problem” during the sale?


Or your prospect?

Your prospect is likely to put this responsibility on you (particularly the less experienced buyer).

But you can’t actually solve your prospect’s problems.

You only provide the means to solve them.

The prospect has to buy the means from you and solve the problem himself, with your assistance and guidance of course (and possibly your services if you sell those too).

Yes, it is the prospect’s responsibility to solve his own problems.

Remember *that* on your next sales call.

What you do need to forget is *yourself* when you sell.

Instead your focus should be on finding problems, and getting the prospect to want to solve them with your stuff.

You do this by keeping the conversation focused on the problem they are experiencing, and by getting them agitated and feeling the need to solve it.

You should be talking about your stuff very little when you sell.

Get into and maintain rapport with your prospect, find a problem you *can* solve with your stuff, and ask questions to get them stirred up and motivated to want to do something about solving the problem.

All this demands that you focus on your prospect, and forget about yourself when you sell.

The emotional desire to solve a problem is what drives every sale.

Harness this power, and you can sell almost anything.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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