So I am cruisin round town yesterday, and I hear this radio ad, and this voice comes on with sort of an annoying, slightly nasal tone, and he says:

Should insurance sales people get paid extra for just doing their job?


That got my attention!

The nasal voice went on to decry how insurance sales people shouldn’t make “extra” money for just “doing their job” and talking with you the “customer”.

The voice said that with their company, the sales people weren’t making commissions off of you, so they weren’t getting “extra” money for something that is just “part of the job”.

It was tempting to get mad at the ad.

But I don’t do that.

What I did was admire the strategy of the company with their ad.

You see they are playing on the common attitude *everyone* has about sales people.

The attitude that you – the sales person – are there to “serve” the customer, with fealty and humility.

Yes, it is unfortunate and amazing that in America people constantly knock-down and demonize others for making bux.

I will hold off on going full tilt into political rant right now, but I will say that it is your absolute right and responsibility to make as much money as you can in this world.

Sales aint about humbly serving the customer.

But it’s also not about raping and pillaging and taking advantage of people either.

Selling (and money) is about an exchange. An exchange of value for value.

I have something of value to offer. And IF you want it, then it is of value to you. And then we have the basis for an exchange.

More to the point that selling is not “service”, the mere act of selling can provide value to a potential customer, even when they don’t buy.

Selling provides value because we are educating and informing people, and many times helping them to discover how to do new things, and solve problems in new ways.

For that my friend, you deserve to be well comp’d with as much money as you can get.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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