What should you do when your territory isn’t overflowing with great prospects?

Maybe your company hired lots of sales people with the idea of saturation coverage.

Personally I have been in that situation more than once!

Or maybe you sell something really specific to a market that has a small, finite number of organizations in it (one of my customers sells only to State and Federal law enforcement and he tells me his market is limited to 62 prospects).

In such circumstances, you can’t be a dick to your prospects, now can you 😉

The first rule is simple.

Don’t Beg.

It’s real easy when you have a finite number of prospects to make a picture in your head that shows your opportunity as being too small.

The harder things get, the less opportunity it seems you have.

Don’t Beg.

No matter what happens with one prospect, you have to approach each new prospect as if you are King.

You must approach every new prospect contact with a high degree of self-respect and self-esteem.

All my same rules apply.

You still have to make them qualify for your sales time.

You only give them demos, customer references, whatever, once they have given you a commitment of some sort. A commitment to give you higher level access. A commitment to give you their honest opinion as to whether they will recommend you further in the decision process.

Always get something of value when you give something of value.

If the deal slows down, then match their pace. Slow down your interaction with them too, and use the newfound time to go work other prospects in your territory.
Don’t “stalk” the prospects that have slowed down or aren’t in buying mode.

You should keep “marketing” to them though. That is keep finding reasons to call them and discuss potential ideas related to what you sell. Stories and facts about what your current customers are doing are a great reason to call and keep the interaction going over time until the deal gets heats up again.

Be persistent in other words, but don’t let your rules breakdown so that you look desperate. That’s a sure way to become the second choice loser at worst, or get forced to discount your prices at best.

Selling with pride means something. You should do it at all times because it will put more bux in your pocket this year, next year, and for the rest of your career.

Sell with Pride!

Shameless Shamus Brown

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