I am recovered coffee addict.

Mentally I still love coffee, even though I don’t drink it any more.

So I really appreciated this story that I came across the other day that I am about to share with you.

A guy goes into a coffee shop in near Washington DC. Guy tries to order an iced espresso, and is told he can’t have one because it’s against store policy to serve espresso over ice.

Pissed off, guy orders an espresso and a cup of ice, and proceeds to pour espresso over cup of ice. Flabbergasted barista says that’s really “not okay”.

Guy orders a second coffee drink from the store, and leaves a dollar tip with a profane message penned on the face of the bill with a Sharpy.

Being a former coffee snob myself, I love the fact that this coffee store, Murky Coffee in Arlington Virginia, has a precision process for brewing and serving their coffee.

And they won’t sell it to you in a way that will degrade the quality of the coffee.

And if you are going to ruin it yourself, they aren’t going to let you do it in their store, and they’re going to tell you to go buy your coffee elsewhere if that’s what you want to do.

Some people will get real pissed at such an attitude of a business. The customer of this story Jeff Simmermon was so tweaked that he blogged about it, which led to the Washington Post finding out and writing about this, which led to hundreds of thousands of people reading Simmeron’s blog and finding out about Murky Coffee in Arlington Virginia.

Murky Coffee’s website and Simmermon’s blog both got tons of visitors and tons of comments many praising and blasting each of them for their respective actions and their attitudes.

Murky Coffee is the one who is coming out ahead in this dustup though. They just got a huge amount of free publicity.

Now you might say that this is negative publicity though.

The thing is that Murky Coffee now stands for something. They stand for excellent, pure, high quality coffee.

The people who care about that (i.e. coffee snobs like myself), but who had never before heard of Murky Coffee, are now going to give them a try. And many will form an emotional attachment to them because they are defenders of quality and excellence in coffee.

The Simmermon’s of the world who just want the most convenient cup, who want to do whatever they want with it, and who want to whine about “the customer is always right” will hate this store and will stay away.

But that is OK, because those people were never the target market for a store like Murky Coffee in the first place.

You don’t have to take abuse from your customers.

The customer is not always right.

Stand up for yourself in sales and you’ll be more successful.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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P.P.S. Selling like a wimp after you listen to any of my sales training courses is not allowed. It’s against store policy.