I got told I was very “New York” yesterday.

I take it as a complement, because it was.

The guy who told me I was very New York hasn’t met me though.

Most people who meet me in person, don’t think I am from New York.

I come across as a pretty laid back California dude for the most part.

That can change as I need to when I sell though.

Everyday you run into new people in sales. That’s your job.

And you gotta adapt.

I talk a lot about powering your psyche up so that abusive prospects don’t waste your time.

Not all prospects are abusive though.

Some are good, straightforward, easy-to-do-business with people.

Man, I love them!

But there aren’t enough of those. And you know, that’s OK. Because if all of your prospects were easy, honest direct people, then they probably wouldn’t pay you very much – and I wouldn’t have anything to write about!

The other kind of time wasters are the evasive prospects. They won’t give you a straight answer. They sure are nice to you though.

These people just don’t want to hurt your feelings, so they tell you things like to call back next week or they’ll give their answer in a few days.

That’s when you gotta mix the New Yorker with the Californian.

The evasiveness can’t be tolerated in sales.

If you do, you’ll starve.

But those nice, evasive people don’t respond real well to abrupt, brash calling out of their B.S. either.
So you have to call them on their B.S. with a velvet glove.

One of my favorite methods for doing this is to play dumb. You see, a lot of vagueness and evasiveness gets accepted in sales because sales people are afraid to look stupid.

Well sometimes its better to let your prospect feel smarter and better than you.

So if you say “Umm, hey, what do you mean when you say you’ll evaluate this and get back to me? What that means for you might be totally different than what I think it means. So can you explain that for me and give me some detail to it?”

Playing dumb gets the truth out on the table, and it does so without being confrontational about it.

Sometimes confrontation IS the right approach – I’ll use it when it is. But other times, playing dumb and going a little indirect is just what you need.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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