I am in Vegas right now.

I am here for a super secret influence tactics mastermind meeting.

Vegas has become a mega-conference center in the United States.

Most people you see here are here for the “games” though as they like to call them.

Me, I am too frickin rational to get very excited about these games.

I learned way back in high school about how the house always has an edge. Each game has its rules tweaked just enough so that the house will come out on top consistently more often than you will.

It’s a mathematical fact. And even though it’s easy to think that these places cheat, well they don’t. They don’t have to. Their edge in each game is their profit margin.

In some games their edge is small, like in craps where they expect to take only 0.8% of the bux put down over thousands of bets.

For other games though, like that French thing where they put the marble in it and spin it around, they expect to take 5% of all the bux people put down.

You could say that my high school math teacher ruined this place for me.

I prefer things with better numbers and with a more consistent ROI.

That’s one reason I like sales.

I don’t look as sales as a game of chance.

To me selling is about setting up a system, with a set of rules and guidelines, and then running prospects through the system to consistently make lots of buckaroos.

In Vegas, the house has a system, a system for consistently taking a small slice of all the bux flowing through their doors, so that they consistently make money.

Like I said, they don’t cheat. They don’t have too.

Sales doesn’t have to be a game of chance for you.

You don’t have to wonder IF you are going to close a deal or not.

And you don’t have to lie or cheat at it to come out on top in sales either.

Instead you can use a system, one where you consistently close 70-90% of your prospects, and one where you get a high ROI on the time and effort you put out.

Thousands of my students all over the world have learned a system for getting a high closing rate and a high ROI on your sales time. It’s called the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program, and you can get yourself a copy right here, right now.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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