Someone just told me that ol Bill Clinton would like where I lives cuz it’s “backwoods”.

I never really thought about it much till now, but I guess ol Bubba *would* like to visit here on his backwoods political tour for Hillary.

I mean hey, check this out:

  • I got 3 bars within stumbling distance of my office,
  • One of those bars opens at 7am for the morning regulars (which frequently includes the town mayor),
  • The best sandwich deli in town is the local Chevron station, where they also sell those fried potato-wedge thingies all day in a heat-lamp case (Bill’s all over those!).

Yes, I got it made here in the backwoods of California.

I chose this place, and I am quite happy with it. Here’s a picture I took during “rush hour” last night and so maybe you can see what I am talking about…

Yes, life is all about the choices you make. I’ve made some good ones and some not so good ones. But I’ve never regretted becoming a salesman because that one decision (that I made almost by accident) has given me a life and a lifestyle that I love.

Now if you don’t love this game, well then you should. And in fact you should pick yourself up a copy of my Persuasive Selling Skills right now because in it you’ll discover the brain shifts required to love this game and to make the buckaroos you need to make the choices you want in life.

Sell with Pride (I do).

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. Please don’t tell Bill about the fried potato-wedge thingies. I wanna keep my quaint little backwoods town a secret!