Got this email the other day from a customer who is ready to quit selling…


In my field, I have seen majority of people succeed by making false commitments & duping clients & because of this I am losing faith in this career.

I am stuck in a situation wherein my client is always in control & position of power because my organization wants to make revenue every month without appreciating the market conditions, even if that involves lying or selling sub standard products to the clients.

On top of that, it is increasingly becoming difficult for me to prove the value add to my prospects as my product proposition has become commoditized & a huge army of untrained "advisors" is pampering my target market with free information.

I had developed a lot of liking for sales after reading your newsletter but I think I will have to leave this wonderful field because of my inability to solve my problems."

Shantanu Bhargava
New Delhi, India

Success in selling depends largely on your mental attitude.

One thing that surprises many new sales people just starting out is that sales pressure comes at you from all directions. You get it from your customers, your competitors and from your company.

The best companies support their sales people and engender a culture of sales excellence and superiority. Unfortunately these companies are few and far between, with most sales forces being seen as necessary evils to run the business.

If you work for such a company, then you have no other choice but to mentally stand alone. You must stand for yourself where no one else will. You have no refuge, so stop looking for it.

When you stop looking for your customer to be your friend, or your manager to be your friend, and YOU start being your best cheerleader and supporter, then you will stand a chance.

Clients only have power if you let them have it.

Lying to make the numbers will invariably come back and bite you on your arse.

Businesses have to make their numbers every month, or people start getting fired.

You fix a situation like Shantanu’s by getting focused and getting busy.  Focus on the pains that you solve better than your competition. Get busy finding the prospects that have those pains, and forget about everyone else.

The more you feel you are commoditized, the more narrow and specific you gotta be in your targeting. Commoditization only happens with boring marketing in broad markets.

You have power where you have value. And there is always a niche of people or companies that you have value with. Focus there and get busy selling from a position of confidence

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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