I got call from The Donald yesterday.

Turns out he wants me for next season of The Apprentice.

He said he’s seen my work and he’s impressed.

He said that he reads my Shameless Sales Blog every day.

Get’s lots of valuable sales advice from it he says.

Some of which he told me he secretly uses on the show. He asked me not to share that with anyone, but I said…

Hey, too late Donald. You gotta say something like ‘off the record’ first or its fair game for an A-List Blogger like ole Shameless Shamus here.

I think he was a bit peeved about that. But he got over it fast cause he knows he needs my advice.

Anyway, he invited me to try out for next season of The Apprentice to which I said…

Hey Donald, no way, I don’t play in a deal unless the odds are stacked in my favor.

To which The Donald snarled back…

I know that. That’s why I am calling you Shameless. I am going to wire The Apprentice for you so that each week you’ll know exactly what you gotta do to win.

Sounds cool – But what’s the catch?" 

…I asked.

No catch. Just send me over a copy of your Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program so I can tap more of your sales secrets to close some Really BIG Deals this year."

…said The Donald.

And with that he gave me his American Express number and UPS is shipping it to him in New York as you read this.

What’da you know, Shameless Shamus as Trump’s next Apprentice…

Sounds pretty exciting doesn’t it?

I am sure The Donald can’t wait.

Happy April Fool’s Day.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown