What do you do when your competitors lie?

Start smackin’ em around.

It’s real annoying when you are selling, and you have a competitor in your territory that will say *anything* to get a deal.

There’s only one way I know of to smack your competition when they lie.

And that is to call them on their lies!

When you hear a prospect repeat a claim that was made by your competition about their product, and you know (or suspect) it to be wrong, you gotta find some proof of the truth and give it to the prospect.

During one of my software sales jobs, I was dealing with a seksy upstart in my territory. They had slick marketing, exciting value propositions, and seksy positioning as the hottest new player in the market.

So everyone wanted to invite them to the party.

That was the problem for me – they were prettier and seksier than what I had to offer.

I couldn’t change what my company was. I couldn’t make us prettier, more attractive. We were what we were. We performed well, even if we weren’t the most beautiful at it.

So the answer was not to change us or to lie about ourselves.

The answer was to find out the real truth about my oh-so-beautiful competitor.

So I did some "research".

I called a bunch of their customers, the names of which I easily obtained through some trade press articles, and found out the real truth about what worked and where the problems were.

Now I had something to go back and talk to my prospects about.

I could flatten the lies that my seksier competitor was claiming, and get the conversation back to important values (like reliability) that I excelled at.

You see when you tell the truth about your competition, your prospect may look at you suspiciously at first. But when you bring them a dirty little secret, show them where to go and verify the truth, and they then find it to actually be true, your credibility rises, and your competition’s sinks.

You can also raise your credibility even more if you show a few warts of your own during the sale. Selling is rarely a perfect fit; it’s usually more a game of weighing which compromises matter and which ones don’t for the buyer.

So help your prospect find the warts that they are going to find anyway, and you’ll close the deal (or walk-away with confidence) much faster.

Know yourself, know your enemies, and have the courage to call your competition a liar when he decides to stoop that low. You’ll close more and you’ll earn your customer’s respect in the process.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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