Last week I wrote about about How to Smack Lying Competitors Around.

After that, Brian Heyel, a customer of mine who sells materials for high-end developments on Saint Martin in the Caribbean wrote in to share his story…

I work as a distributor for high-end finishing products for villas and hotels (marble flooring and what-not).  I have caught my only competition on the island lying straight-faced to their clients – people who were potentially my clients at one point as well – to make the sale. 

On one particular project I found out that my competition was bidding for the same flooring project as I was.  I found out exactly what they were proposing and managed to find out that they were proposing the name of one particular stone product that was much more rare and expensive than what they were actually going to deliver to my client. Unless the client was a geologist he’d never have known he was getting screwed by my competition. 

So I went to the only person who could prove that my competition was lying: a geologist.  With the confirmation from the geologist I crossed paths with my client and casually dropped the fact that I had been doing some homework on his project and invited him to check the same sources.  He came back to me with a big smile on his face and as it stands right now I am the only one working on his 1 million + flooring contract."

Most "average" sales people I have know wouldn’t go to this extra effort to find an expert to debunk what Brian new to be a lie. Most sales people would just give up and bitch about it, or they would tell the client that their competitor was a liar, without offering any proof.

Well if you want to smash you competitor, instead of just consoling yourself in loserville by bitching about it, you gotta give the client proof.

Brian gave the client proof. Most likely the client was suspect of Brian when he told him that his competitor was a liar. But the client wanted to know, followed up on Brian’s suggestion to talk with the expert geologist, and  – WHAMMO – the competition was smashed!

Sales is all about getting to the truth. For your prospects it’s about finding out the truth about whether or not you are a good fit for them. For you it’s about finding out whether or not the prospect is blowing smoke up your rear-end during the sales process.

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Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown