If a pit bull gets his jaws around an animal’s throat, he won’t let go.

He’ll hold on until he kills or is killed.

How about you?

Are you a pit bull in sales?

How easily do you give up?

Most sales people give up way too easily.

When cracking a new account, you gotta be a pit bull sometimes.

The more valuable the account, and the higher up the person you are trying to contact, the more defenses you are going to have to cut through.

Many sales people struggle with this issue because time is limited.

Most of us have more potential prospects than we could ever sell to in a given month, quarter or year.

So there is a decision you have to make. And how you make that decision, depends on what you believe about the following statement:

Sales is just a numbers game.

If you believe this, and if you believe it means your success is ultimately dependent on contacting more and more prospects, then you aren’t a pit bull.

After two or three attempts to contact a prospect, you will likely give upand look for more prospects to contact, more "numbers" that is.

And you’ll silently wonder why you have to sort through so many prospects to find a deal.

Now if you instead believe that the "numbers game" is about how many times you contact a prospect, how persistent you are, instead of how many prospects you contact, then you are a pit bull my firend.

If you stay after a prospect long enough, contact him enough times, you will get a response. Sometimes it will be positive, sometimes negative. Sometimes it will be directly with the prospect, sometimes on with his assistant or underling. But you will get a response.

To stay after a prospect for a long time, through many contact attempts, takes conviction. Conviction that *this* prospect is right for you.

And it necessarily cuts off hundreds of other potential prospects. The only way you can go after your prospects like a pit bull is to limit the number of prospects you go after.

Salesmen who know who their best buyers are can be pit bulls. When you know what type or people or companies become your best customer, then you can pick out ahead of time who to go after and stay after them with confidencelike a pit bull.

Such decisions have a big effect on how much cash you will bank this year.

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Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown