I got this email from England the other day with an instructive lesson in it for you and your selling. See if you can spot the key insight…

I purchased your CD’s and have been listening to them on and off for about a year now, but like an old dog I carried on selling my way as I was doing OK.

But then things turned a little bit hard a few months ago – same as in the USA we had a economic down turn here in England and I was hitting my head on any wall I could find.

And so it was time to restructure the marketing and the sales.  I thought, what’s the worst that could happen? That we only sell the same as we are now? Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

2 months into the new Shamus style sales attack and we are selling at nearly 100%. Your system saves energy, less petrol wasted traveling helping us to decrease our carbon footprint (which is political bullshit) and more personal energy to give to clients that can say yes.

Personally I feel much more positive talking to clients that can say yes. Keep up the good work and more EGOPOWER to you!"

-Phil M., England

Did you spot it?

The key insight is that inertia stops most people from changing. It took a downturn in sales to get this man to change what he as doing. And he already owned the program and had been listening for a year!

People and business are most open to change, to new vendors, new solutions when there is great opportunity or serious problems.

Sales people are no different.

You always have a choice though.

You can put this off.

You can passively read free tips on the internet.

Or you can put the Shameless Sales Attack into action for yourself and kick your prospects into buying something from you right here, right now.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown