Some years ago I sold some really boring stuff.

I sold accounting software.


I aint no accountant. I am not a bookkeeper. And I am not an HR person.

But I sold software to these people to help automate their work and make their jobs easier.

The stuff worked. It worked quite well in fact.

And there was good money in selling this stuff too.

But ooohhhh was it boring.

It was boring to me that is. I am sure a lot of the people that I sold to loved their work. Not all of them, but I suspect many of them.
That aint me though.

I took that sales job ’cause I saw it as a good chance to make some big bux, and ’cause I liked the A+ sales team that I was going to be working with.

But I didn’t really make as much bux as I had hoped for even though I learned a lot from the guys I worked with, and so I moved on to a different industry after just 3 years.

That was a BIG lesson for me: It’s difficult to build and sustain success if you don’t like what you do on daily basis.

Sure it can be done – and you can choose to push a rock uphill too – but then it’s called "work" 

I tell you this because my memory of my accounting software sales days are a sharp contrast to how my business life is today.

In fact I just got back from a business trip in San Diego where I spent the weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel learning some super-secret persuasion stuff.

Now that was fun. That aint work.

IN fact most of what I do in my biz these days is fun. Sure, I haven’t hit the point where *everything* I do is a barrel of monkeys, but I am getting there.
So through a series of knocks, slaps, and drops, I have gotten to where I do and sell stuff that I really like. Which makes business fun and not work.

If you like what you sell, that’s great. You are either doing well, or you will be soon.

But if you don’t like what you sell, then you probably ought to find something that does flip your switch.

Prospects can detect your apathy, and they can tell whether or not you are "one of them".

So sell something you like and you’ll sell more.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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