Hmm, seems like my customers are all crawling out of the woodwork right now with good stories to share.

I got this email yesterday, and it shows the impact of wrong thinking and right thinking about the mental stance you have towards sales pressure and who’s really responsible for solving the customer’s problem…

Shamus, I’d like to share with you the easiest $8,000 sale of my career…

I was driving to work one morning, listening to your CD’s, when it struck me: Shamus is right, it’s not my problem!  I had been chasing a software customer who needed to upgrade their product and have my company install it.  Their server was crashing daily, having a major impact on their company’s operations.  In spite of this, I could not get a purchase order from the decision-maker.

So I called my customer and left this message: ‘Your server is crashing every day.  You have a big problem, I’ve been doing everything I can to secure installation dates, but I don’t have a purchase order.  The install dates two weeks out are now gone.  You need to fix your problem, and I’m not calling you back.’

LIKE MAGIC, 30 minutes later a purchase order appeared, they were calling me begging for dates, and jumping through hoops to purchase equipment when I insisted they had to now buy beefier hardware too.

Shamus, you helping me realize it’s not MY problem helped me show them that it was fully THEIR problem.  And put the pressured where it belonged – on the customer.  Thanks!"

-Tom M, Massachusetts

Selling IS about solving problems.

But the trick that really makes selling easier is when you realize that only the customer can solve his own problem, in spite of the fact that he will try to make you responsible for his problem.

When you reverse the responsibility back onto the customer where it belongs, amazing things happen.

Prospects start pursuing you and deals close faster.

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Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown