I don’t know about you, this has been an emotional week.

Taxes due – and paid – which I hate. Yes, I reframe using the fact that I can always make more than most people.

But frankly I just hate taxes. They are just wrong – no matter what the reframe. Most of it – by far – goes to things I don’t like, and graduated income taxes amount to legalized thievery.

That said, I think we all need a little ass-kickin’ break.

So here’s a fun movie I found for you to watch…


I am off tomorrow for some R&R at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego today. Great cocktails, or so I hear, at their pretentious designer bars, and I get to write it all off too cause I am attending a marketing seminar there this weekend. 

So that’s my break – if there’s something worth shootin, I ‘ll share some photos with you next week.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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