What is the perfect sales call?

Giving the best sales presentation?

Being in complete rapport with your prospect the whole time?

Asking just the right pain questions so that you really stir up trouble and discover powerful purchasing motivation?

Asking for the order, or the appropriate "next step", and getting it?

One could say that the Perfect Sales Call would include all of the above (and possibly more).

My standard for the Perfect Sales Call is much lower. It doesn’t include all of the above.

The only thing that matters when you make a sales call is did you either advance or close the sale. That’s it.

Getting the order, or getting to the appropriate next step, is all that matters, regardless of how sloppy you were or how pretty you looked along the way.

Giving good sales presentations only matter to the extent that it helps you advance or close the sale.

Asking powerful pain questions and stirring up their emotions only matters if it helps you advance or close the sale.

Being in complete rapport only matters if that aids you in advancing or closing the sale.

Because the Perfect Sales Call is simply one where you advance or close the sale.

Any higher standard of perfection, is detrimental to your sales.

Getting everything "just right" slows you down.

Its best to "get busy" and try some new ideas and tactics to see what works for you, than to sweat giving the perfect presentation.

Perfectionism is not a great trait for sales success. Tis better to perfect execution instead.

You should always be looking for new things to test out and use to advance and close your sales.

And in my Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program, I give you a couple of dozen major and minor tactics that you can test out and implement right now to crank up your sales.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown