Oh boy, are these lame.

I just read an article from a real old school sales trainer about how to overcome sales objections.

I am in a good mood right now, so I am going to spare the guy the embarrassment and not mention his name.

But here’s what he suggested…

1 – "I Understand How You Feel" Sales Rebuttal.

When the prospect says they don’t want to meet with you, you’re supposed to say "I understand how you feel, many other clients of mine felt this way at first. But they after they met with me, they’ve said things to me like ‘I had no idea you could do that.’"

Whew, boy. This one is lame because if you could get the prospect to meet with you based on what you said up to this point, they wouldn’t be saying things like "I had no idea you could do that."

Seriously now, this is really supposed to turn a prospect’s resistance into a desire to meet with you? I think not.

2 – "That’s Funny" Sales Rebuttal.

This is where you tell the prospect "That’s funny" when they say they don’t want to meet with you. To which they will likely reply "What’s funny?" And then you can run through the rest of Sales Rebuttal #1 and tell them how other clients were so surprised at what you could do after they met with you.

Nice. Insult them, and they’ll become more interested.

Uh-huh, that’ll work. For sure dude.

The major problem with these sales rebuttals is that they are rooted in this tired old sales approach:

  pitch > trial close > objection-handle > repeat until closed

"Sales Rebuttals" like this are unnecessary.

Take the pressure off of yourself, and talk with the prospect and not AT him.

When you know how to ask high-value pain questions, you don’t find yourself tempted to use something like the "I Understand How You Feel" Sales Rebuttal.

Because when you ask high value pain questions, you get to the truth about whether or not there really underlying need and emotional desire that would cause them to do business with you.

Without a pain you can solve and the desire to eliminate that pain, you will never make a sale.

Asking a prospect enough times to buy, or to meet with you, doesn’t work if there is no underlying desire.

Stupid Sales Rebuttals like these above ignore this reality.

Stop using old school sales tricks and start asking high value pain questions today. Discover how with the Persuasive Questioning Techniques Sales Course in my Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown