Early on my sales career I became well known for dropping my pants too fast.

Dr. discount, one of the other sales reps called me.

As soon as I had a prospect on the hook and ready to close, I would use a discount, sometimes a big one, to get the deal to close fast.

In other words, I would "drop my pants" anytime I thought it would help me to close a deal.

Hindsight it 20-20.

And in hindsight, I coulda done a lot better.

But hey, I was green and I didn’t know.

I was selling software, and the final decision-makers were pretty experienced businessmen, usually older than me.

And they knew enough in the negotiation to pose as if they didn’t need what I was selling right away. They played as if they could wait a few more months, and they would be fine.

They knew that a sales rep like me had a quarterly quota number I had to hit, and they used that to their advantage.

Back then I didn’t know how to use the most powerful leverage that was right under my nose.

I didn’t know how to use their desire to my advantage.

I did know enough to find out what was driving the deal. I used to always probe to find out why someone was telling me they were in the market for my product.

I stumbled upon this out of necessity. Often my prospects were 2 or 3 states plane flight away, so I had darn sure better have a well qualified deal on hand before spending a few hundred buckaroos to go out and visit with them.

That qualified my deals, sure. And I found it if there requirements were a good match for or better for my competitor.

But I didn’t know how to tap their desire and leverage their emotions.

One day, late in my career of "working for someone else", I discovered how to do this once I started actually reading books, taking seminars, and listening to courses on audio CD.

And frankly, that was when sales got a lot easier and a lot more fun.

Since then a few thousand people ’round the world have discovered the same tricks and mind shifts to boost their sales and ratchet their closing rates to over 90% by listening to my Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program.

I aint gonna drop my pants to get you to go for this.

So get on over here now and get your copy…

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown