Slick salesmen are not trusted.

If you look too good, sound too professional, or have absolutely everything "just right", then it sends off a warning bell in the back of your prospect’s mind.

Something’s wrong.

This must be rehearsed, that’s why he’s so perfect.

This guy can’t be for real."

After Monday’s email about "Why You Say ‘Umm’ and How to Stop" reader Frances Winters from Australia reminded me that saying Umm has its place:

I say umm a lot in telesales. It makes me sound less threatening."

Darn good point Frances.

Umm can be used to your advantage.

This is a good technique to use, IF you are using it intentionally.

If you are saying Umm too often because you are talking too much, because you can’t shut up, and you are trying to control the conversation through exhaling more than the other guy, then saying Umm is not a good idea for you.

But saying Umm occasionally to take some of the polish off of the salesman’s image actually helps. Being more real, more like a normal person makes it easier to be trusted.

The more real are, the more like your prospects you are, the more you will be trusted.

Slow down, and listen more. If you find that other people don’t talk much around you, and that you are talking all of the time, that’s probably a sign that you are talking too much and not listening enough.

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Believe me you’ll find it much easier to listen when your prospect is telling you exactly what you need to know to close him.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown