Yesterday I wrote about a very smart salesman who knew how to cut his losses early and get on with more profitable bizness.

Seems some people though just can’t get this concept though.

I got quite a firestorm of email telling me how idiotic it was for this salesman to reverse the balance of power on the prospect, and that I was irresponsible for highlighting this.

Here’s what one reader had to say…

Am I going to go to one of my biggest prospects and more less ask them to convince me why I should do business with them? If I were the buyer I would say ‘F— You and the horse you rode in on’… then I would call my current supplier and tell them, that you do not have to worry about me buying from that sales person.

When a prospect brings you in and they already have a relationship with another company, you should assume that the other company has huge advantage over you.

You should compete as if you are way behind, and you should assume that your competitor is going to win unless you can find a major reason why they won’t.

This is the critical piece of information you must find out: why won’t they just purchase from the supplier they already know, or the supplier who has been in working the deal early?

You MUST find this out because the truth is that something like 70% or more of the time when they bring you in but they already have somebody else they are working with, you are going to lose.

So that is why I always say to such prospects, "Tell me Mr. Prospect, why not just purchase from ABC Company? You’ve already worked with them, they have a decent reputation…, I don’t really see why I am here… Can you tell me why I am here, please?"

No one has ever told me to f-off when I have made such challenges (and I have even won a few deals this way)

When you flush out and address the issue head on like this, you’ll find out the truth.

The prospect will either give you some mealy mouth BS like "Well we need to see what else is out there", which is what you’ll hear 70% of the time. Or you might actually hear a real dissatisfaction, a real reason that you can sell to.

You have to find a reason for them to purchase from you, plain and simple.

Because if you can’t, then they certainly will not.

Better to lose early, than to lose late.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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